Dylan Harrison-Atlas

Dylan Harrison-Atlas



As an undergrad at Colby College, Dylan received a degree in environmental studies with a concentration in conservation biology. His capstone research on applied watershed issues provided a foundation for his graduate studies investigating methods for quantifying human benefits associated with watershed processes. Dylan’s research examines the sensitivity of freshwater-related ecosystem services to representation of ecological processes at different spatial scales. The overarching goal of this research is to support environmental decision-making by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of contrasting modeling approaches in providing relevant types of information needed at different institutional levels. The interdisciplinary framework supporting this research integrates concepts from landscape ecology, freshwater ecology, hydrology, and ecosystem services. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys fly fishing and exploring Colorado.



Organizing Concept

The primary mission of I-WATER is to prepare Ph.D. students to work in an interdisciplinary team-based activity. Our research themes involve interacting teams of hydrologists, meteorologists, ecologists, and management experts. I-WATER features problem-focused research to bridge basic and applied science by combining fundamental research on scientific problems with application of scientific knowledge to actual resource issues.

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