Alexander S. Maas

Alexander Maas



Alexander Maas received his Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University in 2006 and a Masters in Science from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Connecticut in 2009.   His current PhD work involves the valuation and allocation of freshwater in semi-arid regions, specifically focusing on demand and price elasticities across sectors.  With a better understanding of marginal and total water values between sectors, more efficient water can improve economic value and growth.  His work also involves components of non-market valuation given the significant societal benefits received from water left for eco-system services. 



Organizing Concept

The primary mission of I-WATER is to prepare Ph.D. students to work in an interdisciplinary team-based activity. Our research themes involve interacting teams of hydrologists, meteorologists, ecologists, and management experts. I-WATER features problem-focused research to bridge basic and applied science by combining fundamental research on scientific problems with application of scientific knowledge to actual resource issues.

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